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Health and Safety - Strategic Risk Management
Working in partnership with schools to provide a professional health and safety advisory service
The strategic risk management team offer support and guidance on all health and safety matters, providing specialist advice, guidance, policies and training, including off site visits and learning out...

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Home Learning support from REMA
11 May
The Surrey REMA Team has been looking at ways we can support schools at this time. As you will be aware, in the case of both EAL and GRT pupils, it is particularly important that their language skills continue to develop even though they are not in school. For EAL pupils, continued development of their first language is also key, as this will support their acquisition of English. Some members of the REMA Specialist Teaching Team have put together ideas for parents and carers to use at home so they can enable the continued development of their children’s language and knowledge base. The attached documents contain suggested activities and strategies as well as links to relevant online material. We hope you will find these helpful. The REMA Team wishes you and your school community all the best.
Message from REMA
23 Apr
We hope you and your school community are as well as possible in these difficult circumstances. We would like to assure you that we will deliver any REMA support your school has already purchased when normal working resumes, or it can be carried forward to the next academic year if necessary. For maintained schools wishing to purchase our support for the next financial year, we have extended the early reply discount date to 31st May 2020 for purchases of more than 5 days. Details for academies to purchase support for the next academic year will be sent out later in the term. REMA staff are not able to visit schools at the moment. However if your school normally receives regular support from us, do not hesitate to get in touch with your REMA Specialist Teacher or Traveller Education Support Worker. This could be regarding queries you have at the moment or in preparation for pupils to return to school. During the Covid 19 situation REMA would like to extend to all schools the possibility to phone for free advice concerning English as an Additional Language or Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils. Please contact either Sue Hurtley or Moira Lempriere on the numbers below. We have also developed a telephone interpreting service for schools who would like to keep in touch with EAL pupils at home. You will now have received details and costs of this new offer. Contact details: Schools in the west of Surrey Sue Hurtley sue.hurtley@surreycc.gov.uk 07968 834430 Schools in the east of Surrey Moira Lempriere moira.lempriere@surreycc.gov.uk 07970 887034 Interpreting and Translation Mariana Wallington mariana.wallington@surreycc.gov.uk 07968 834422
CLEAPSS Summer Bulletin Now Available
21 Apr
The CLEAPSS Summer bulletin is now available. To receive a copy of this please email the team - srm.hands@surreycc.gov.uk The CLEAPSS bulletin is available free to all maintained schools and academies/free schools who subscribe to the Strategic Risk Management (SRM) Health and Safety Offer. For any further information, please contact the SRM team on the email address above.
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