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Race Equality and Minority Achievement Service
Improved outcomes for EAL and GRT pupils
The Race Equality and Minority Achievement Service (REMA) service provides a range of advice and support to schools working with pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds who are at risk of underachievement, including those learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils (GRT).

REMA services are delivered through a countywide team. The role of REMA is to assist schools in raising achievement and improving outcomes for ethnic and language minority children and young people and to promote inclusive practices and equality. The type and extent of intervention is negotiated and agreed with individual schools buying the service, depending on their requirements and priorities.

If you need further assistance to arrange REMA support via the portal, or if you would like further information, please contact us via email or phone

For full details and costs of services, please see the attached brochures for academy and maintained schools
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REMA Maintained Schools brochure 2018-19
05 Mar
Brochure containing details of the full range of REMA support available to maintained schools. Please consult separate price list for details of costs.
Preparing for Emergencies Lesson Plans
22 Feb
Preparing Children for Emergencies Some Surrey Schools were affected by the Flooding in 2013/14 and so subsequently took part in learning events to help emergency response professionals to learn from their experiences in emergencies. Further information about the project can be found here. As part of this learning process Save the Children have designed a Preparing for Emergencies Schools Workshop and Lesson Plan Toolkit which can be utilised by Schools to make sure that Children are prepared for emergencies. It aims to build their knowledge, resilience and make sure their voices are heard in emergency planning and response. It can be used to support PSHE, Geography and the Science lessons curriculum. Even if the whole programme isn't delivered there is some helpful content within these guides can be used by Schools to promote Children's Resilience to Emergencies, not only in Schools but in their wider community context. As we are all aware unfortunately events like the attacks at the Manchester Arena are also affecting Children in the UK both directly and indirectly and a tool such as this will assist in helping Children to be more resilient to such incidents. So why not take a look and consider using them within your Schools curriculum? If you have any questions then please feel free to contact the Emergency Management Team on sccemt@surreycc.gov.uk or on 0208 541 9160.
Service Level Offer for Schools and Academies in Surrey 2018-2019
13 Feb
Service Level Offer for Schools and Academies in Surrey (Area Schools Support Service)
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