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REMA SERVICE OFFER 2020-2021 now available for maintained schools

We are inviting you to purchase REMA services for the 2020/2021 financial year. 

REMA (Race Equality and Minority Achievement) services are delivered through a countywide team. The role of REMA is to assist schools in raising achievement and improving outcomes for ethnic and language minority children and young people, and to promote inclusive practices and equality, in line with the Ofsted framework.                                                                                                         

A 5% early reply discount is available on EAL and GRT Teaching and School Improvement Support Days, if you purchase  5 days or more by 30th April 2020

A purchase of at least 5 days means schools can also benefit from free attendance, for up to two people, at termly Training Networks

Committing to purchase a number of days at the start of the financial year will ensure that we have the capacity to meet your requirements as we are not in a position to guarantee a response to all requests on an ‘as and when’ basis.

Specialist Teachers and Bilingual Support Workers can provide support and expertise to help schools deal with the challenges and language barriers faced by EAL pupils.
All REMA EAL services are offered to schools on a traded basis and can be purchased at the daily rate for teachers of £510 and for Bilingual Support Workers £100 for a minimum 2 hour session.

Specialist Teachers and Traveller Education Support Workers can provide a high level of expertise and knowledge to improve outcomes and reduce vulnerability for the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller pupil group.
A core offer of GRT Specialist Teacher and Traveller Education Support Worker services is provided for primary schools at no cost. This includes elements of GRT pupil focused support, such as induction for new arrivals and consultation for more complex needs. Staff can also benefit from bespoke school based training and free attendance at termly countywide training. An enhanced GRT offer is also available on a traded basis. This can provide more extensive school and pupil involvement, including direct teaching support.
All REMA GRT services to secondary schools are offered on a traded basis and can be purchased at the daily rate for teachers of £510 and for Traveller Education Support Workers £350 per day (also available in two hour sessions).

Please find attached the new REMA brochure for maintained schools which will give you full details of the range of support we can offer schools, as well as the REMA contact details.

05 Mar 2020

Race Equality and Minority Achievement Service
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